RAMPS Logistics (Guyana office) and El Dorado Offshore team visits Rockstone.


RockStone is a village on the right bank of the Essequibo River Region of Guyana. On the 6th of May, the RAMPS Logistics and El Dorado Offshore Guyana team headed up to Rockstone with our families and friends for the day. Leading up to the day a menu was set and groceries were bought and all preparations were made for a safe trip. Some of us met at the RAMPS office and left via hired bus, the others drove personal vehicles. An assembly point, located at the head of the linden highway, where we met, did our safety talk and then we were off to start our day.

The drive-in total was two and a half hours to Rockstone, after a head count we then immediately set up the grill for the BBQ. Pork, chicken & beef were the choices of grilled meat. While the meat was on the grill everyone enjoyed some curry chicken, Puri, Pastries and lots of snacks! For drinks, we had a variety of juices, coconut water and soda etc.

During the day, the team enjoyed the peace and quiet of the outdoors. The kids enjoyed swimming in the river while some adults took the time to try to fish or just to sit and enjoy the atmosphere and have a true team bonding activity. We laughed, shared work stories and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.

At around 3:30 we started to clean up and pack up in order to head back down before night fall. We took a beautiful group picture and had another safety talk before heading out. In conclusion, it was a great day, we bonded as a team!